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You have now come to the right place to exhibit your artwork's to the people of the UAE and around the world. Get noticed exhibit sell your art.

It is normally expensive and very hard work to hold a major exhibition in  any country, so here we are.

UAE ART GALLERY is an online private exhibition and also virtual if you choose that option, it's that easy.
The UAE ART GALLERY is advertised to many individuals, company executives and even an extensive list of interior designers and architects who are regularly looking for new and exciting artworks and sculptors to grace the walls and public areas of 5 star hotels, commercial projects and private homes.
We have been in the business for more than 15 years and want you to feel the same excitement for your art as we do.

For as little as 100$US per month you can have your own floor in our Gallery Tower.
You can up grade any time. Let your friends know about your exhibition let them visit your floor.
Its like a real opening we even let people know your launch time.

How exciting.
You can deal with your own clients, We also give you a chance to be on our new Facebook page which also gets seen by thousands. 
You can make your own sales or choose us to help you. 
This means you get all the profits now that is fab.

Choose your budget from 100$US – 4,000$US.

We look forward to hosting your wonderful art in our gallery tower.

Let’s get started.
 Your exhibition is just a short distance away. You can arrange your own grand opening online. Get all your friends and colleagues together for your opening.
Send out invitations and we will let people know your ready to Rock, it will be like a real exhibition.

How to choose your floor.
You can select from the available floors below and add on a flashing floor for just 10$US extra per month. Some floors will have a waitlist but we can also put you on a normal floor before taking the main stage.
Firstly chose the floor you would like as it may come vacant or be vacant.

Pricing Lets start from the top floor. 

The Penthouse.
Choose the penthouse the top most exclusive exhibition with extra media coverage and extra space to create an ideal super premium exhibition. Being on top helps you with your sales. You get to show 6 of your artworks in a five-star hotel exhibition or our new Gallery in Festival city.
This costs only 1,500$US per month and can be done monthly.
Give it a try.
In the spotlight
Being in the spotlight gives you more media coverrage, spread your wings. Exhibit 2 artworks in our virtual exhibition.
You can also have a shared opening evening in our virtual Exhibition.
 Cost is 300$US per month.
We send  out invitaions to our clients list  to let them know how great you are.
3 months minimal.
21st floor 
Try the 21st floor get more views than the lower floors and more media coverage. Also get 2 artworks displayed in our virtual exhibition.
You can also do an opening evening with other artists.  
We send out invitation to our clients to let them know how great you are.
 Cost is 300$US per month.
3 months minimal.
20th Floor
The 20th floor is also a great opportunity to bee seen.   Get your artwork out there for only 275$US. Get 2 artworks displayed in our Virtual exhibition.  
We even send out  an email to all our clients to let them know you are rocking.
 Cost is 275$US per month.
3 months minimal.
19th-15th Floor
19th - 15th floor's is in the middle and gives you great exposure for a more affordable monthly outlay. This costs 150$US per month and has a 6-month minimum.
A great way to get your artworks seen and sold.
14th-10th Floor
14th - 10th is still a great opportunity especially if your on a tighter budget it costs 130$ per month  minimum 6 months.
This is good for artists who are steadily developing their talents.
9th-5th  Floor
9th - 5th  floor is only 110$US per month minimum is 9 months. This is an ideal floor for those fresh new artists seeking to show there talent.
Let the world see your talent.
Sometimes it takes time to build your exsistance time is the key.
4th -1th Floor
4th -1nd floor is only 100$US per month, minimum is 9 months. This is an ideal floor for those fresh new artist's seeking to show there talent for the first time if you are successful then you can upgrade.
What a wonderfull way to start your career as an Artists.
The Mezzanine.
The Mezzanine floor gives you an opportunity to show you artwork at festival city Dubai you can have your own wall to show your artwork's it cost 5,000 AED per month. We even arrange you an opening evening.
The second month is only 2000 AED.
It’s a very economic way to hold an exhibition.
Chat with us to find out more.
The biggest and best of them all is the lobby exhibit with a grand opening event with invited guests, get picked up in a limo lots of media coverage and a full month exhibit in one of Dubai’s leading 5 star hotels. What a great opportunity.
This costs 4,200$US for 1 month this is truly the best you can get for such a small investment.

Choose your floor well and enjoy the experience.
You are an artist and demand to be seen.
Get out there.
Im Fab.

We will need to get the following from you.

Firstly tell us which floor you would like to be on.​

Photograph of the artist.
Tell us something about yourself you want people to read.
Up to 16 images jpg.
You’re pricing in AED or US$
Your contact numbers, website and email.

How to pay.
You can pay by cheque, bank transfer or Paypal.
Account details will be given at time of payment.
For more information on payment please dont hesitate to contact us at 
[email protected] or 00971505382067 UAE

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